Lucy Aiken an actress, singer, dancer, writer, comedian, and entrepreneur, but most importantly she is a storyteller at her core. Lucy is essentially the actor's equivalent of a digital nomad. In other words, she goes where the work takes her, even if it takes her all around the world! She has been fortunate enough to have traveled to places in Asia, Australia, Europe and South America, and has performed professionally in places that run the gamut from Alaska to Turkey. Although she got her start in theatre, she has also worked in film, television and commercials, as well as podcasting. She hopes to visit every major region of the world within her lifetime. 

     She graduated from Berklee College of Music Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music Degree in (Contemporary) Vocal Performance, and a minor in Musical Theater. While in college, Lucy participated in many productions, including an original one person show called "Feelings Aren't Final," a self-written senior cabaret recital called "I Hope I Get It: Tales From Every Audition Under The Sun," as well as originating roles in multiple world premiere productions with up and coming playwright Georgeta Seserman. While in college, Lucy also began to develop her professional career by playing iconic Disney princess Aerial for local events, as well as working in various immersive theater jobs. She also participated in Williamstown Theatre Festival's prestigious Acting Apprentice Program. It was during her time at Berklee that Lucy learned how to be an artist who creates not only her own work, but also her own opportunities. Lucy has worked in a wide variety of artistic styles and genres, from the avant-garde to the mainstream.