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Interview with Comedian Dana Jay Bein 

Topics discussed included how improv can make a difference in EVERYONE'S life, how to fail with comedy, reading the crowd and why discrimination under the guise of humor is NEVER okay. Disclaimer: This podcast discusses controversial topics such as politics and religion. Listen at your own risk. 

Inspirational Quote: "When you have a bed of negatives, if you can shine the positive light on that stuff, you're not just doing comedy, but you're doing a service to people who have experienced similar things." -Dana Jay Bein

Interview with Dramaturg Theresa Lang

Topics discussed included the increasing popularity of devised theater, and the real world applications of improv theatre

Inspirational Quote: "Any opportunity to train people to think in terms of "yes."...can be really useful." -Theresa Lang

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Interview with Yupand Founder and CEO Paul Salvaggio

Inspirational Quote: "Improv theater actors and teachers don't get the recognition and pay that they rightfully deserve, and I think that's going to change."-Paul K. Salvaggio

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