May 19, 2020

1) Lemon water wake up

2) Basic hygiene

3) Make the bed

4) Stay quiet in the morning

5) Avoid the phone first thing in the morning/late at night

6) Clean an area of the house (at least a few minutes a day)

7) Daily morning pages

8) Exercise

9) Human contact (when possible)


May 19, 2020

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Please take anything I say with a grain of salt.

1) Review your goals. The person who wrote this book recommends hand writing them 10 times each. Although this can feel a bit excessive, I do think there is tremendous merit in constan...

April 21, 2020

1) Essential oils (particularly lavender)

2) Flying to a new foreign destination for the first time

3) Walking in the woods

4) Trying out a new coffee shop I've never been to before

5) Listening to my favorite Broadway soundtracks (such as Rent, Great Comet, Smash soundtra...

April 18, 2020

Hello universe,

I'm posting these thoughts online so that I know I won't lose them in a few years when I need them:

1) Although I've never gotten a blowout in my life (unless you count getting my hair blow dried after I get my hair cut three times a year), I think I am g...

April 16, 2020

I know that there is a school of thought that says that you should keep your goals a secret if you want to achieve them,  however considering that fact that I travel and move quite frequently in my current lifestyle, I'm too worried that I'll lose this notebook that I'...

April 14, 2020

In no particular order, here they are: 


  • Your headshot is like your card. It's your calling card. They should be professional and well done. You can print it on any kind of paper and gloss, which can make it more expensive

  • You need to look through a pho...

April 12, 2020

So I actually made this list when I was studying abroad in Valencia, Spain. Two of these places I've already been. But I think it's important for me to not lose sight of my travel dreams, even though I can't necessarily do anything about them right now. Without further...

April 3, 2020

1) Watch a Youtube video/movie/TV show

2) Essential oils/aromatherapy lotion

3) Clean your space

4) Reach out to someone you care about to check in on them

5) Make a To-Do List

6) Maintain good personal hygiene. Maybe go the extra mile by painting your nails or doing a face...

April 3, 2020

1) Phone. Nuff said.

2) Computer for backing tracks, which I personally recommend using from iTunes

3) Headshot and resume, stapled or glued back to back. I personally recommend glued because then you don't have to worry about the staples falling out.

4) Binder with reper...

April 3, 2020

These are some notes I found from my former executive skills coach that may be of use to someone else. Without further adieu, here they are: 

1) The potential downside to time blocking is that it can be overly rigid.

2) If you ARE going to time block, it's important to g...

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