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(Musical Theatre) Audition Bag Checklist

1) Phone. Nuff said.

2) Computer for backing tracks, which I personally recommend using from iTunes

3) Headshot and resume, stapled or glued back to back. I personally recommend glued because then you don't have to worry about the staples falling out.

4) Binder with repertoire, with a table of contents ideally. I'll do a separate post on what should be in your rep book.

5) Jazz shoes and/or character shoes. One of my professors at Berklee once told me that she strongly recommends that people try to get LaDuca character shoes, since they are the industry standard. I personally think they're much more flattering than other brands and they elongate the legs, but they're definitely an investment, so you'll need to save for them.

6) Leotard

7) Leggings

8) Ballet shoes

9) Deodorant

10) Makeup

11) Hairties/hairbrush

12) Water bottle

13) Snacks

14) Cough drops

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