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Art Doesn't Exist In A Vacuum: Business of Acting Field Notes

1) There should only be one objective in the audition: the performance.

2) US agents want to know how they can sell you. The problem with doing a Shakespeare monologue for an audition is that they don't want to feel "quizzed" or "challenged." If it's iconic, IT BETTER BE DAMN GOOD

3) There are agencies for just voiceover artists

4) The best way to increase your chances of getting an agent include having an active profile on casting sites such as Backstage, Actors Access, etc. While there are undeniably benefits to being an "influencer" it's completely fine to not be one as long as you have a website, etc. Being on social media is nice but not mandatory

5) Develop reel and footage before trying to get an agent. It should have between 4-6 representations of yourself. If you're trying to get an agent, give them comp tickets (with a plus one) for a show you're in, particularly if it's a one person show


7) One of the many benefits of joining SAG-AFTRA is that there is an actors pension that you can be available for. Unfortunately you have no rights without to this type of thing without union membership

8) Only a few "pay to play" classes are actually good. Wait until you get GOOD clips to submit unsolicited to an agent because you only get one shot to make a first impression (this is true in life in general)


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