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"What is My Type?" and Other First World Problems

STAY IN YOUR OWN FRICKIN' LANE. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing. I think that they key to understanding one's type is to compile opinions from as many different sources as possible when determining one's type. However, this also means that the answers can vary drastically. For example, a friend from college said definitively, "You're the best friend. I don't think you're an ingenue" while a director of mine said, "You look a little old timey." However, this past summer a musical theater teacher told me that she thinks I'd be a good Nellie Forbush, so I think my takeaway is that perhaps I can play ingenues, but I don't necessarily read as a classic ingenue. I've been told while living in Alaska with a bunch of Utah Mormons that I "look a little Jewish," (guilty) but I've also been told that I don't look "Jewish enough" for shows like Fiddler, so I think my takeaway is the roles that require either an extreme "blue blood" aesthetic (such as, say, a Kennedy) or perhaps a traditionally Jewish role such as a Hasidic Jew. Perhaps I'm somewhere in between.

Other things I've been told are that I have an upscale (in other words well educated) vibe, that I could play a young professional or authority figure, and that I have a midwest vibe, which is ironic since I've lived on the East Coast for most of my life. Ironically, despite living in Boston for almost 10 years, I've also been told that I'm a "country girl." I strongly believe that a huge part of making it in showbiz (and at life in general) is learning how to read between the lines. I've learned that this means that I have a "Middle American" vibe as opposed to "sexy California girl vibe" (which I totally am not). I also know that "country girl" implies coming across as more wholesome (which is also ironic considering that I curse like a sailor in my everyday life, but ultimately you can't control how others perceive you). Quite frankly, I've found that accepting how little of I can control with the outcomes in terms of my acting career has made a huge difference in terms of my overall happiness and well being.

One thing I've been told repeatedly that I feel that it is my moral imperative to reiterate to anyone aspiring to be an actor is that reels should not only be just two minutes maximum, but the clips should be BRIEF, because you want to show just snippets of different characters, since casting directors tend to make up their minds very quickly.


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