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Micro, Macro and Midi Career Goals

Please note: I'm not comfortable posting my personal and relationship goals on the internet, so this is strictly my professional goals. Some things are better kept private!

Long Term Goals (10-15 Years Out)

1) Get my Equity card

2) Become a member of SAG Aftra

3) I used to say "Be on Broadway," but honestly this is a dream, not a goal. There are concrete, tangible ways to join Equity and/or SAG, however Broadway is something that if I'm being honest, I don't expect to happen because it's such an incredibly difficult goal to achieve

4) Star/create my own comedy TV Show about having a mixed race blended family. Working titles include "Mix It Up" or "The Future of America"

5) Star in a movie musical I wrote about being a non neuro-typical woman. Tentative title is "The Fling That Went North"

6) Have a Netflix special based on my one person cabaret show I'm currently working on called "Nobody Understands My Taste In Men"

7) Write a memoir about how to combine performing and travel while living with a rare condition

8) Make an album that musical theatre-izes (yes, I know this isn't a word but I'm making it one. Deal with it!) pop songs, and makes pop songs sound like MT songs

Mid Range Goals (5 years out)

1) Perform on a cruise ship

2) Perform in an international theme park. I haven't exactly accomplished this yet, however I did perform in Alaska, so I feel like I got pretty close to accomplishing this goal!

3) Work for English Musicals Korea, or as I like to call it "The Harvard of International Children's Theatre"

4) Support myself exclusively as an artist. Ironically I actually did accomplish this goal, but then covid hit and changed everything

Short Range (1-2 years out)

1) Get paid to perform! I feel like I can give myself a giant gold star for this one :)

2) Creating a vision board with different aspects of my life

3) Taking myself on an artist date for 2 hours weekly

One of the most important things for me when reflecting on my micro, macro and midi goals is to honestly conceptualize potential barriers that might emerge in achieving my goals. These are some of the obstacles that may get in the way. These include practical things, such as stiff competition for roles, or other people (for example, unfortunately my college boyfriend actively discouraged me from pursuing a career in acting). However, this can also include things such as my own attitude and beliefs about my own personal limitations. It's important to raise my one's own awareness of obstacles so that you don't get stuck without understanding why

How I deal with barriers so that I can reach my goals is simple: I just try to block out the white noise, keep my head down, and keep it in the day!


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