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What I've Learned From Voiceover Classes (If Anything)

1) Commercials (particularly union) can be extremely lucrative because of residuals, which means that you get paid every time the ad pays. However, there are also buyouts where they pay you a fixed sum at the beginning

2) When doing commercials and voiceover, it is IMPERATIVE to do your very best to make it sound like real dialogue between real people

3) When doing voiceover, tic tac helps with dry mouth, as does Fisherman's friend

4) In voiceover, "cue it up" means come in faster. Don't ever yell on the radio without talking to the engineer

5) Monologues need to be age appropriate

6) No voice is perfect for everything

7) Voiceover terms/tricks: 1) headphones=the cans 2) Smile if you want to sound friendlier (such as playing an announcer) 3) Body language can change your vocal quality 4) Placement 5) Air (breath before phrase) 6) Personalize

8) When doing voiceover, emphasize brand name. The delivery of the different words shouldn't sound homogenous. Make a different choice than everyone else

9) This was in respect to auditions, but this is just great life advice in general: making a decision is better than making no decision at all

10) Note: this may have changed post covid. In group situations, you'll have to share a mic at auditions. Pretend like you're having a good day even if you aren't.


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