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On Maximizing Your Time

These are some notes I found from my former executive skills coach that may be of use to someone else. Without further adieu, here they are:

1) The potential downside to time blocking is that it can be overly rigid.

2) If you ARE going to time block, it's important to give generous amounts of time for how long everything will take. Add 10-20% more than what you think. Add buffer hours

3) Think about when are you most productive?

4) Do the harder things FIRST. In other words, to quote the words of productivity guru Amy Landino, "Eat the frog."

5) Some things will come naturally while others won't. Allocate disciplined amounts of time for the hardest things

6) Don't let yourself drop one ball to juggle more!

7) In the words of productivity guru Jay Bacrania, "Plan your work, work your plan."

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