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Musings on Headshots

Hello universe,

I'm posting these thoughts online so that I know I won't lose them in a few years when I need them:

1) Although I've never gotten a blowout in my life (unless you count getting my hair blow dried after I get my hair cut three times a year), I think I am going to invest in a Drybar ( blowout the next time I get my headshot. The reason for this is that in my current headshot, despite photoshop it's a bit frizzy. I've noticed that blowouts tend to look more sleek. I'd want to get The Straight Up because my hair is naturally straight, and I wouldn't want a hairstyle that looks vastly different from my natural hair texture.

2) When I next get headshots, I probably won't wear black (although I wear black all the time). I'll probably try to wear a purple or lavender shirt, because I find that it brings out the green in my eyes. My eyes look more hazel than they actually are in my headshots, and I think it's probably partially because I'm wearing a black shirt. Maybe something like this:, this:, or this:

3) I want my expression in my next theatrical headshot to perhaps not be quite a severe, even though for whatever reason I do often play bitchy characters or straight up villains :)

4) I need to invest in a better commercial headshot next time. I want it to be with my wearing a bright jewel tone (maybe turquoise!) as a contrast to my theatrical headshot. Maybe something like this:

5) I think I'm going to pay to get my eyebrows threaded, or something to give them serious shape (because they don't have much naturally)

6) Due to cutting sugar out of my diet, I've lost a little bit of weight since I last got my headshots taken, so I really should try to get them retaken as soon as I can afford it...but again, priorities.

7) Possible headshot photographers to use:

With all of this being said, I'm very happy with my current headshots, these are just nit picky things for me to keep in mind the next time I need new headshots!

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