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25 Little (And Big) Things That Make Me Happy

1) Essential oils (particularly lavender)

2) Flying to a new foreign destination for the first time

3) Walking in the woods

4) Trying out a new coffee shop I've never been to before

5) Listening to my favorite Broadway soundtracks (such as Rent, Great Comet, Smash soundtrack, Jagged Little Pill, Waitress, and so many others)

6) Home cooked meals (particularly comfort food like roasted brussel sprouts, mac and cheese, lasagna, etc.)

7) Planning my day in my planner with colored pens

8) Crossing EVERY SINGLE THING to do off my to do list

9) The first drive to the Jersey Shore in the summer, and the first swim of the summer in the ocean

10) Finding out I've booked an audition

11) Painting my nails

12) Listening to Trevor Hall's music

13) Putting together a really cute outfit

14) Bubble bath

15) Watching my favorite romantic comedies (Knocked Up, Bridesmaids, etc.)

16) Visiting UNESCO Heritage Sites

17) Doing aerial silks

18) Writing comedic parodies and jokes

19) Long talks with loved ones

20) Having a super clean and organized space

21) Reading words of wisdom from thought leaders such as Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gandhi, etc.

22) Making visual art such as a vision board, doing art therapy coloring books, etc.

23) Radically decluttering my possessions Marie Kondo style to focus on only keeping (within reason) items that spark joy

24) Family gatherings with all of my cousins, with are my ride or die's

25) Riding fast on a motorboat

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