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What I Learned From Six Weeks of Acting Classes

1) When you have to learn lines quickly, do the following things:

a. Scratch out the stage directions temporarily

b. Write down all lines in a scene as a monologue

c. Look at the script for clues of what you know before the scene begins

d. Read it at least 15 times a day

2) The text is the enemy; the circumstances are you friend

3) For aspiring musical theatre actors, playing an instrument is one of the most valuable skills as an actor because SO MANY SHOWS (such as Once The Musical) use this

4) The first contract with an agent is one year but can be three. You can always end a contract after a year.

5) When doing audition monologues, DO NOT USE PROPS. Monologues should be between a minute to a minute and a half, with the absolute maximum of two minutes

6) When choosing a monologue to submit to agent, CD's, etc. think of your type.

7) When you're on camera, start small and get bigger. Less is more. Aim for a less aggressive voice when on camera.

8) Your headshot is NOT a glamour shot. If your headshot isn't good (meaning high quality), it unfortunately gets ripped.

9) Your reels should be all monologues or all scenes. If you reel is temporary, make it clear that it's a makeshift reel

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