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Having An Abundance Mindset In Showbiz

"There's thousands of actors for every one job available." Actors hear these truisms constantly, and honestly, I tend to tune out when people say this because it However, I try to remind myself that: a) there's enough to go around b) It promotes what I personally believe is a scarcity mindset that can be unhealthy. To create an abundance mindset, I try to remind myself that I have all the resources within me that I need to achieve my winning outcome. Sometimes it's important to remind ourselves to get in touch with these inner resources. Anchors are reminders. Some of the ways I create an anchor include:

1) Thinking of a challenging situation and identifying the inner resources I needed to handle it. There have been some times in my life that I've definitely hit rock bottom, but I've always been resilient.

2) Remembering a time when I had these inner resources of strength

3) Asking myself, "what anchor do I want to use to get in touch with that resource (mental picture, word, gesture or an object)

4) Remembering again that time when I had that resourceful feeling. When the feeling is strong, I try to connect it to an anchor (recall the mental picture or word, make the gesture or hold the object).

As part of my weekly reflection routine, I ask myself three questions: 1) What challenge will you be facing this week?

2) Which inner resource will help you handle it in the way you want?

3) Create an anchor to get in touch with that resourceful feeling


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