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How I Apply The Get It Done and Hit The Target Methods

The Get It Done Method

The rationale behind this approach to time hacking is to focus on completing a given task, regardless of how long it takes to complete it. One of the things about this method that I personally have found useful is that if I feel in a flow after the first 25 minutes of completing a task, I do a self assessment to determine if I feel that I have enough energy and momentum to continue for another 25 minutes? If yes, then I begin another Pomodoro, and if not I take a break.

The Hit The Target Method

The reasoning behind this particular method is to focus on getting a fixed number of Pomodoros finished during the day that is part of a larger project. For instance, let's say that I know it will take about 20 pomodoros to complete the final draft of my one person "playsical" script (cross between a play and a musical). Since this is not something I can realistically do in a day and I have other more urgent tasks that need to be done, I break it down and commit to four pomodoros a day for the next several days on a task.

Prior to writing, I always aim to do my preparation (I don't always succeed with this...) and field potential distractions, log out of social media, and have a snack and a drink by my side. When I'm satisfied with my progress on this goal for the day, I move on to the next task knowing that the next day I'll continue to set targets to eventually finish the project, and ultimately move on to the next one! Right now I'm finalizing my cabaret show script, and moving onto other screenplay projects!

At the end of the day, the "Hit The Target Method" is contingent upon whether or not you finish the number of Pomodoros you allocated for the task, as opposed to the task completion itself. This is because completing the target number of Pomodoros isn't a project that has a definable, finite end point. Typically, this method is best suited for larger tasks that require six or more Pomodoros or more than three hours.


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