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How I Apply Time Tracking To My Life

"What gets measured gets managed." -Peter Drucker

The truism "time is our most valuable resource" exists for a reason, although it can at times feel a bit trite. Similar to money, the more we keep an eye on it, the more awareness we develop about the patterns that facilitate success. The Baeder-Meinhod Phenomenon is essentially where you brain suddenly recognizes something that it was previously not aware of or familiar with. For example, if a friend buys a yellow car, you might say to yourself, "What was he thinking?" You say to yourself "I have never seen such a bright yellow car anywhere." Then suddenly you see yellow cars at ever turn.

What I personally have found fascinating about time tracking when I talk about it with my friends is that time tracking isn't nearly as widespread as tracking money. Time is truly our most previous commodity. Money will come and go, but once time is lost, it is lost forever.


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