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How I (Attempt) To Maintain A Positive Attitude Amidst Covid

Unfortunately I find that it's all too easy for me (and I'm sure I'm not unique in this way) to give more attention to the bad things than the good. If I hear ten compliments and a single criticism, I'll unfortunately be inclined to focus on the criticism.

However, when I notice myself focusing overwhelmingly on the negative aspects of an experience, lately I've been trying to stop and refocus on the positive. I practice this by doing a small positive activity every day while making a point to acknowledge the good parts (even when things aren't perfect). I try not to let minor problems ruin the moment.

Now, if I'm being honest, adding one or two positive activities has never changed my life in any kind of groundbreaking way. With that being said, over time the happiness these activities create begins to add up. This concept is also known as habit stacking. Some of the quick positive activities that have worked for me include:

1) Visiting friends or family

2) Going for a walk

3) Watching one of my favorite movies

4) Having a delicious meal (I'm a total foodie)

5) Visiting a local attraction like a zoo or museum

6) Giving myself an at home mani-pedi

7) Drawing with those adult coloring books


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