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Why All Creatives Should Use the Ivy Lee Method

First, for context, the "Ivy Lee" method involves the following:

1) Write down 3-5 things you plan to get done the next day

2) Rank them from highest to lowest priority

3) In the morning, start working on the task of highest priority

4) Only move on to task #2 when you've completed #1

5) Repeat

One of the things that makes this method unique is that Ivy Lee emphasized the importance of doing tasks in order of priority and resisting the urge to go to the next task before completing the previous one. If you don't complete the list of tasks, no worries. If you get three or four of the tasks done, that is still a successful day! The main thing is to focus on getting the highest priority done.

While I read "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert multiple times, and I love how she encourages everyone to pursue their creativity in some capacity, I do think that trying to be a professional performer or artist requires some sacrifices that the average person may not be willing to make. As my favorite influencer says, "What are you willing to sacrifice to pursue the life you keep pretending you want?" I couldn't agree more. Let me be clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with working a 9 to 5 job and focusing on hobbies or friends/family in your spare time. However, if you're say, pursuing a career as an actress but you have a day job, you really need to manage your time wisely to continue to move the needle forward on your career.

What I love about this method is that it helps me determine what projects, auditions, etc. are worth my time, and which ones are not.


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